The authentic treasured family recipes preserved on paper are now reproduced and handled by the best technology Great breads are made with passion but mostly with time. Time to allow the dough to rest and ferment slowly to capture the real aroma. We have adapted our equipment to reproduce the baker traditions to bring you the artisan loaf that you have been searching for. We have selected only the finest and all-natural ingredients down to using strictly sea salt verses a processed one. We have begun the baking for you, to the point where the flavor will be kept until the final baking process. A high quality product baked on your premises, as you need it. All of these mouth-watering elements put together, for you. A delicious taste, a crispy crust and a golden brown color for the end result the best tasting bread and the freshest item in your store. Because of our high standards in quality and the authenticity in our recipes, we are bringing you today these exquisites artisan and all natural breads and croissants directly from France for a true and authentic taste to remember.